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Thread: This is me...

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    This is me...


    Hi, Ive been doing weights for about 3 months (I think, im not really counting) I started doing them after I got mugged once which pi55ed me off, especially when I was in hospital for 3 weeks with a broken jaw of which I had to have 2 operations on and had it wired and bolted back into place with plates and screws, which looks very cool on an xray

    Im only 20 and a complete novice when it comes to taking enhancements, just reading my way through the forums. Im currently only doing 7KG weights per arm (without any enhancements), but hey we all gotta start somewhere

    Hopefully I will stand a better chance against muggers this time next year.

    Ive been advised to do D-Bol, but I want to check out all the sideaffects first. I dont really want to get huge, I just want people to look at me and think twice before starting trouble or anything.

    Thanks for reading


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    Bro welcome to AR..sorry about the mugging and all,everyone has thier own reason for entering the BB world..thank goodness mine was for better health and love of the sport....all the best to you..DB

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    Why dont you want to get huge? Thats the only way peeps are going to think twice about anything they do with you.

    Welcome to AR bro. Above is a search button. Put in D-bol or something. If not on the first beginning pages before this message board is a site called "Cycles for Novice" and "Cycles and Stacking". Also there are Educational threads that are very informative. Try reading that. Dont just do d-bol and waste your time.

    Sorry about the mugging but if you want to get educated and do this right start reading and asking questions keep your d-bol for now.

    As for side affects for D-bol. Youre going to blow up like a balloon. Its used to kick start a cycle usually weeks 1-3,4 before the good stuff kicks in. The affects are almost instant.

    Tell us how you plan on taking this and how much you are going to take. Like how many weeks? How much every day? Taking it alone? What are your stats and experiences?

    I know you didnt like getting mugged bro and I feel ya. Lets do this right and we can see what we can do to take care of ya. Read up and start asking. Go to Steroid Questions forum too and ask in there.
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