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Thread: Fatboy rookie!

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    Hey guys i'm totally new and will greatly appreciate all input. I'll start with a small bio. 21 yrs. old male 5' 8'' 260 pounds. Makes me sick sayin it. For years i was in good shape and i still have a lot of muscle. I can see a nice physique under the disgusting blubber. Was a solid 200 lbs. in october of 2000. Im totally ready and dedicatedto do whatever it takes to change my body. I am definitely open to all supplements, as well as any diet suggestions. Lifting program would be greatly appreciated also. My goal s are to #1 get lean(NOT SKINNY) #2 preserve muscle! Basically i would like to see the solid 185-195 lb. range as fast as possible and then get huge. Please HELP.
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    Welcome to AR bro

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    Welcome to AR bro. Are you aware of the low carb diet? Type in atkins in a yahoo or google search engine. Probably go to the diet forum and get a good diet there too. Key is diet and coordination of exercise around this diet. Good luck.

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