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    Hey guys.. great site as i've been reading thought posts it seems very insightful and helpful.. well so i decided to ask for some help my self.. im 240 6'1 and high BF.. im hoping to atchive like 200 with like 10% by the summer is that even possible? below i included a little workout/diet routine i but together.. be nice im a newbie.. put please do comment!@

    thank you robert..

    also in adition im going to whats below im going to do am cardio on daily basis on an empty stomach.. and drink plenty of water with goal being a gallon a day..
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    cant read it dude. Wont blow up big enough. If your looking for a diet advice. Try the atkins diet with low carbs. Do a search on the net. AR has a forum for this also. Ask in there. Welcome to AR and good luck.

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    Welcome to the board!

    You will get a lot more feedback if you post your diet in the diet section and the workout in the workout section. There are people that specialize in those areas, that don't come to the welcome forum.

    But, I will give you a quick run down on a couple of things.
    As for your workout...
    There is no way I can work chest and then tri's the next day. My tri's hurt for 2 days after doing chest. The same goes for back and bi's. If you do that, you will be overtraining those m,uscles, or undertraining them because you can't focus on that group.
    As for the looks more like a bulking diet than a fat burning diet. Skip the eggs..go for egg whites. Skip the bacon...way too fat.
    Skip the ham and cheese are trying to cut...not gain weight. Replace it with something a little healthier. I am NOT very good with diets, but the folks in the diet forum will be able to help you pick the right foods, and the right times to eat them. You will learn more about which carbs are good when, if you post the diet there.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to AR

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    Welcome to the BEST site AR...

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    hey bro, what's up?

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    welcome to AR bro

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    welcome bro!

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