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    first cycle on sus 250

    hey dudes,my name tony and this is my first time on this site..
    i am 22 years old,68kilos 10%bodyfat 5.9 tall,i just started my first cycle last week i am taking 1ml of sus 250 every week for 10 weeks i took my first jab last sunday,and my second jab yesterday which was sunday..i am traning hard and eating very very clean food,but i have lost 1 and half kilos in 1 week dont no if i am eating enough..
    i am eating about 250 to 300 grams of protein
    200grams of carbs
    and about 30 grams of fat..
    do i need more carbs in my diet i dont want to put on fat i want quality muscle..
    also i dont no what type of muscle gains to expect..
    can i expect to put on an inch on my arms with this type of cycle...

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    Bare min you need to take a 1cc of that every 3 days. At what your doing now I wouldn't expect to gain crap

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    heatboy, welcome to AR. Secondly, RON is right. Least every 3 days, even eod or at most 500 to 750mg per week for newbs that cant handle the injections. One shot aint gonna do it bro. Third, as for quality muscle no fat on sust? Nope...

    Try using the search button on this site. Do some research on AS. Do your homework. You have the whole idea about AS wrong I can tell already. What about some anti-e and PCT? You got that? Also if your going to do it why 10 weeks? Take this down to Steroid Questions. Post this in there. Read up do it right.

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    everything else looks good, just either up the sust to 500mg/week or add some dbols or another agent to it, sust 250/week alone wont really accomplish much that regular hard training and good diet wont

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    If your worried about the injections you could do 2ml once a week and make gains although I would recommend 1ml twice a week to take advantage of the short acting esters... 250 a week what your doing now is often considered test replacement and you might not see very good gains... if any.


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