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Thread: How goes it

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    How goes it

    Hey guys, I'm very much new to all things anabolic .My friends have gotten me interested in. First off Im 19 soon turning 20, im 5'8 (yeah yeah short) and im about 130...I seem to be the lite weight around here. I wouldnt be so skinny but 2 years ago I found I had Hodgekin's Disease..which is cancer of the lympnodes...I happen to catch it when the earliest possible, and under went Chemo for about 4 months (2 times a month)..and then a few weeks of very very low radiation. I've been working out to get back what I lost and gain as well more. And most of my close friends have told me about the possiblity of useing. Ive read up on as much as I can about Aratest and that is what they are telling me I should use to help me get started. But I dont want to just jump in without seeing what could possibly be in the water, ya know? Ive read of the possible side effects but what I need help is. Since I once had a type of cancer and though a very low amount of Chemo..Would adding Aratest cause any dangerous effects?? Is there any way to use it, being safe and all being okay. Please help me out Ive always been just under everyone else and Id like to be out in the front for once ....thanks for any advice given

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    Actually, you could probably talk to you doctor and see if you can get steroid therapy. Least you could get it prescribed. If your doctor has a problem with that then consult another one. Welcome to AR.

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    welcome bro...i am not on AS yet, but from what i have learned from here is to try AS only when you have hit your genetic max....workout for awhile and read as much as you can....then make a decision.

    good luck.

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    Welcome to AR bro

    I know yopu don't want to here this but,first off your to young,secondly you need to have your health top knotch.

    Stay on the board and use the search engine,all the info you need at your finger tips.

    Be Cool........DB

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    Welcome to AR

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