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    First post/winny Ques.

    Hey guys, Glad to see there are plenty of bros out there training hard. I need some info and would appreciate any replies. I am currently on my second cylcle of Winstrol . I run winstrol alone, this time for approx. 8 weeks. The gear I got this time was recommended from my freind/supplier. The problem is I am not noticing the same strength gains as the first time. My diet is excellent and I train hard 5 times a week with light cardio. I am cut and I can see differences in my body. The first time I took Winny, it was for 5 weeks, 1cc every two/three days and the results were outstanding. That was QV. This time I am taking Research Technologies, which I have heard only good things about, 1cc every other day. I am now in week 5 and I have only minimal strength increases. The winny looks legit (separation/consistency/trustmysource). Anyone have any idea why am am not seeing the same strength increases. Also anyone ever taken RT Winny? Please respond. Thanx

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    well for one, winny needs to be takin ED with it's short half life. EOD at the least. 2 - 3 days between poppin more pills or another shot isn't going to yield great results.

    i had a friend who had bad experience with the RT winny. one bottle was fine, but the other seperated way too quick, and would clog a 20 guage needle instantly.

    as far as winny strength gains, you're not gonna get great gains with it. nor size. it's not considered a bulking steroid .

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    Welcome to AR bro

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