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Thread: First Timer

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    Question First Timer

    Whats up guys,

    I was advised by a friend to check out these forums and to ask any questions as this site is said to be the most credible and knowledgable. I've been working out on and off for about 3 years, but up until about 6 months ago I wasn't very serious or dedicated. I recently joined a local gym and have been more dedicated than I've ever been. I know many people who have juiced, each having their own reasons for doing so, and I've been seriously considering it, mainly to give my physique a boost in mass, considering I'm a pretty skinny guy. I'm 6.2, 180 lbs, about 15 inch bi's, moderately cut. My goal isn't to look like Arnold in his prime!!, but to have a proportional, filled out, defined body. So because I'm generally an impatient person, I'm looking for a "technological catalyst" to help me acheive my goals a little faster. My buddy recommended an enanthate (or cyp) only first cycle, or a deca first cycle. I can get the enanthate MUCH cheaper than deca, so naturally I'm gravitating in that direction. Supposedly if I take clomid (i think thats what it was) during a test only cycle I can minimize water retention and keep a lot of the gains. If anyone could give me some advise as to what would be the most effective-safest(considering the circumstances)- and most logical first cycle I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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    Read the stickies before you post. There is one just above this thread, telling all that this forum is for introductions...not steroid questions.

    Welcome to AR.

    Now, as for your questions...I'll give you an idea of what to expect , when you post this over in the steroid forum.
    You will get the following responses:
    Do some research!
    You have not been lifting and eating long enough. You are not ready for gear.
    Forget about a Deca only cycle.

    I would suggest all of the above, and I can promise you that others will say the same thing, when you post this in the steroid forum.

    Hang in there and keep grinding. It will come to you.

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    welcome to AR bro

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    Welcome to AR.

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