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    Newbie age 40, experienced natural finally ready for the next level...


    I've read all I could on this site, and spoken with friends on juice, but I'd like as much advice as I can get as I plan my first stack. First, thanks to all who reply seriously. I hope to benefit from what bought you success, and from whatever mistakes you'll share.

    My biases:

    THE GOOD: 40 y/o, 6'1", 190. My folks (Daddy = African with a little Euro blood, Mother = W. European) gave me good genes, esp. chest and shoulders. I've worked hard in the gym (by non-BB standard) for about 10 years. Cholesterol low, blood pressure dandy.

    THE BAD : Working harder than ever after going sober, but age seems to be limiting natural lean muscle mass gains. Standard gym-boy six-pack, but I gain weight like a heifer, gut-first, when I don't watch my fat intake. Worried about bitch tits due to aforementioned issue. Poor calves. All else unremarkable. No anabolic experience, except for a few wild weeks on Testosterone Cypionate under an M.D.'s guidance 3 years ago (great gains, but I switched when Androgel was introduced). Three years on a non-anabolic dose of Androgel followed.

    THE UGLY: Sober, but drank heavily for 11 years. October '03 checkup noted "slight elevation in liver enzymes" after several months on the wagon.

    I welcome your good advice. Goals? I'll keep on admiring the younger monsters...but I'd like to add 15 lbs. of lean muscle mass over the next year, harden it, and hold on to it for as long as nature and hard work will allow.


    Old Faithful

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    Swellin Guest
    Hey bro, welcome to AR!

    Talk to Da Bull. He's one hell of a bro, and he is 43.
    With elevated liver enzymes, I would stay away from any orals. I might still take some liver protectants, and see what happens.

    Just a thought, but Deca is awesome for the joints, and you always have to run a test. The downside of deca is the deca dick...just keep the test up. Maybe 500mg of test e and 300 deca. Ask this question in the steroids forum....this is primarily a welcoming section for new members.

    Good Luck!

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