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Thread: G'day mate

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    Thumbs up G'day mate

    hello everyone

    I'm not your average newbee , I'm a quadriplegic I was attacked by 2 Arab guys 8 yrs ago they threw me over a wall head first onto concrete
    I'm totally paralysed from the chest down along with my hands and some of the muscles in my arms

    when I was in rehab I was alot stronger than I am now and I am finding it hard to get back to where I was because I keep hurting my muscles
    thats why I'm here my doctors are assholes as soon as I mention the word steroids or HGH they just laugh

    HGH has been used for years for burns cases and I know that steroids help athalete's recover from injuries and build strength

    So I say what about me !

    you guys and gals know the benifits first hand

    Please give me your ideas and thoughts

    I have always had a open mind on all treatments I remember when someone would talk about acupuncher people would laugh
    well they dont laugh any more

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    Swellin Guest
    Sorry to hear about your trouble bro!

    Welcome to AR!
    You should just copy this and post it in the steroid forum. Not too many folks answer the steroid questions in the welcome threads...but they will help you in the steroid forum.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    welcome bro

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    beatin it up...
    Sorry about your past. Like swellin said, just post it in there and we'll see if we can help. Welcome though and I hope we can help you!

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    Theres plenty of good bros here that might be able to help. Welcome ar

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    Welcome bro.
    Glad that you are still alive!

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