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    parolee on test!!!

    hi everyone it's my second week on test enanthate and i have a question about drug testing. I'm on parole so i get ua's but the ua's test for stuff like maijuana, cocaine, meth etc. I've heard that in order for test to come up that it's a really expensive test asweel as they would have to take like 300 ml of urine to test. is that true. tell me what you think. any advice will help. I just want to get big you know!!!

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    welcome to AR first of all....IMO I would be careful, because getting big is not worth going back to prison...but good luck!

    also you might want to post this in the steroid forum, you might get more responses.

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    alk, wouldnt worry about them testing for gear to your parole officer. It is much different process and more expensive. Atleast for your beginning cycle your using the right test. Dont sweat it. Juice it up. Sorry you have to go through that. Stay off everything else dont get busted. Keep clean live a good bodybuilding lifestyle and lift brother. Welcome to AR. peace...LMR

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    You'll get a standard schedule 8. Cost is too high for AAS testing. If you were busted for AAS, then maybe

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    Welcome to AR bro

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