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    need some feedback

    im doing human deca 400mg a week along with 400mg a week of eq im on my 5th week and havent felt much should i give it more time or sould i ad some propinate and when should i start my 50mg oral winnys. Im going to miami in march and wanna be ripped.i have good size now ,but im wondering if i should change things up or wait

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    Deca and Eq both take awhile to make their presence felt. If you do want to feel something, definately add the prop because it will kick in quite quickly. But if you want more feedback, post this in the AAS questions forum. Good luck. Everyone, rightly so, will tell you that you should have started with test as a base. Deca and Eq have very similar properties and are not stacked together very often.

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    Bro, Im not even going to comment. Take this down to the Steroid Question forum. Prepare to be flamed.

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    Welcome to AR, and I agree with LuvMyRoids.

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