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Thread: Cycle Thoughts

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    Cycle Thoughts

    I am a new member that would like to know what suggestions someone would make for a person of my build and goals. I am 190lbs 6'1" 25y/o and have done about 4 weeks worth of prop about 2 months ago and wanted to start back on something that would reduce my body fat. I prob. have a high percentage of body fat and would like that reduced. I have from time to time been called a fatass and would like more than to bulk is to lose some fat. I would like for someone to recommend a suggested cycle. I have 4 ml of Winny and 10ml of prop. and also some T3. I can get more, prob. anything. I just want a fatburner as well as something that might add muscle but not any water weight. Thanks for your help!!!!

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    Well amk, first welcome to AR. Glad you came here to ask about cycling. In my opinion you need to use the SEARCH button up top and research these products you have. Steroids dont cut fat. Also muscles dont come in a bottle. Its all about diet and training. Sounds to me a diet would be more suggestable for you instead of hitting the gear. Take this inquiry to Steroid Question forum for the proper attention from the members. For a few hints try typing in cutting cycle and bulking cycle in the search button and also diet. Read and do research first. Good luck.

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    Howdy and welcome aboard!

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    welcome bro

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    welcome to AR Bro - read, learn and enjoy. As for the fat issue. CARDIO and DIET are the two words that you must live by. there is no magic bullet for these things, Go to diet forum for some help from the Bros.

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    Welcome to AR!!!!

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