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    weird shit on sept 11

    got this by email and wanted to share it and hear some opinions

    a japanese newspaper show pictures of an unknown object flying during sept 11th.

    pic1: red arrow=unknown object, yellow arrow: 2nd plane that hit tower2

    pic2: unknown object flying at low altitudes while plane 2 headed to tower 2.

    pic3: unknown object flying at high speed while the 2nd plane hit tower 2.

    pic4: plane2 hits target and unknown object flying behind towers

    rest of pictures: zoom in on object for identification.

    conclusion: what the fuck???????

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    The plane they're showing is not what's on the last pic, but rather the SR71 Blackbird, which they don't fly anymore cuz it's too expensive. As for the video: it's altered IMO. Every other video I've seen of the planes crashing don't have unrecognizable flying objects flying around so I'm guessing it's bullshit.

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