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    Operation Mountain Sweep in Afganistan is about to end.

    The latest ploy to drive the Taliban and Al Queda out of the
    mountains of Afghanistan is to send in a team of Alabama Special

    Billy Bob, Bubba, Boo, Scooter, and Cooter are being sent in with
    the following information about the Taliban:
    1. There is no limit.
    2. The season opened last weekend.
    3. They taste just like chicken.
    4. They don't like beer, pickup trucks, country music, or Jesus.
    5. Some are queer.
    6. They don't like barbecue.
    7. They were responsible for Dale Earnhardt's death.

    Should be over in just about a week

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    a week! how about a cuople of days especially if they take some coon dogs with 'em

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