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    At least 38 killed by tornadoes

    83+ tornadoes hit Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee so far. Georgia and Kentucky are also in the path.

    Anybody live in these areas?

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    I'm south of them but I was watching the aftermath on the news last night and Jeez I'm glad I don't live around there.

    They had this interview with a guy who said he came out from his basement. His entire neighborhood was gone. Lost his dog to.
    I couldn't imagine that. You walk out from your safety shelter after that and pop up into a wasteland.

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    We had one last November in TN that wiped out my wife's parents house. And took out another 12 houses in the subdivison. It looked like a fucking bomb went off. It killed 2 people here, and both people that died lived in a trailor. A kid died when the trailor fliped over on him and they found the man with a 4x4 through his chest.

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    I don't want to sound like an asshole, but if I lived in tornado alley I WOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. What is more important to you than your saftey that you make you stay?

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