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Thread: bad Shoulder

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    bad Shoulder

    I'm 49 years old and my right shoulder is all but gone Dr wants to do a joint replacement he says I will be able to get back in the gym afterward and although he does lots of top name athletes I still have concerns. I would rather suffer the pain for another year or so than leave the gym I still have a few cycles to try. I was wondering if anyone had been throught this or might know someone who has would appericate any feed back.


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    if it's that bad i would just get it done, do the rehab and then start my cycle after. had my left knee scoped twice and now have 3 bone spurs around knee cap still lifting, doing leg presses insted of squats,
    anyway good luck

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    I have a friend who just got a shoulder replacement and everything seems fine. Having a bad shoulder can get worse if you are forcing the weights and overtraining it, so I would do the surgery. Good luck

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    Surgery first Bro! Sounds like the problem is that big

    Best of luck and keep us posted

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