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    Red face Exposing a hair loss product that simply doesnt work

    Nioxin is a hoax, the best hairloss site

    doesnt have it in is brand, and after using this product for well over 8 months i have found no change in hair tickness, or regrowth.

    I add previously started using Rogain about 6 months prior to starting with Nioxin shampoo, scalp therapy and spray.

    Rogain gave me growth to my hair and was able to grow back some lost scalp hair.

    After going to a hair salon and asking around to get my hair ticker and more growth the hair dresser suggested Nioxin, she said it was proven and add great feedbacks on the product........

    After so little change if none in my thicker hair quest and regrowth i decied to take matters in my own hands and search the internet to find legit studies on Nioxin.... i am quit amazed that the only studies i have found for this product was on the site and no where else.

    This product doesnt do nothing to remove dht from the scalp and have found many hairloss forum that just spit on Nioxin.

    Beware of this crappy product.

    After a short month back on rogain i can see some hair growth and will soon add NISIM shampoo on which i have seen great feedbacks, i will be sure to keep you guys updated on the resutls.

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    I would advise people to stick with the FDA approved and passes products Propecia(finasteride) and Rogaine(Minoxidil) because they are proven to work and only a low percentage dont respond to them.

    Thanks for the advice man , commercial products are usually not that effective.

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    Sad to say in this case at least i tried it but if i would have stuck with rogain instead i would have covered all my bald spot and not waste an 8 month period with that other crap...... ha well i guess that i have lived and learn.

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