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    How to discontinue HRT Therapy

    Hello Everyone,

    I really enjoy this forum and the cooperation and help everyone gives. To share ones experience is beneficial for the masses and my only regret is that i didn't find the sight sooner.

    Question: I have been on HRT for app. 1 year after my lab work showed that i was at the very low end of norm. Initially my Dr. started me with 60mg of test depot once per week. I have had lab work done twice the past year and both times my test level has come back about 20% above the high end of norm. I have recently lowered the dosage to 60mg bi-weekly and still remain at the max of the high end. In addition i use 500iu of HCG per week to help with atrophy. Ideally i would like to discontinue with the HRT as my system is shut down and we are trying to have a child. Unfortunately in the part of the world where i live HRT and anti-aging is relatively new and although i see and Endocrinologist i find more informative info from the forum members. Is it possible that HCG alone would have or could kick start my system back to the mid normal range as someone has previuosly suggested in a past post? Because although my test was at the low end i have never sufferd from a weak libido, quite the opposite, and have trained natural for almost 26 years with the exception of a few incorrect cycles during college. I appreciate any feedback.

    thank you

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    Will be good to see the feedback on this as I have had a similar story only Im using Clomid and Nolv to try and kick my natural Test levels back up I have had no acces to HCG but do believe this is the best way about it , wait for a Vet to give some advice here ,, good Luck hope works out for you I will let you know if I have some succes s blood tests at the end of the month for me.

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    Did your doc write you a script for the hcg ? I am too on HRT today after 3 months of 7.5g of androgel my test levels were only 330. I had low test levels before I ever juiced. I have a very erratic sleep schedule and it plays a part. On there is a HRT section and a HRT doc posts regularly. His name is Swale he should be able to help.

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    I think this will help: I've had high T levels using test cream so my doctor took me off the cream and just has me do the HCG . According to him, it stimulates the natural test production enough to keep the T levels high. I'll let you know what the next test shows. I'm assuming that fertility will go up for you if you stop the test.

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