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    Feb 2004

    ouch ! my f****ng shoulder

    i was planning my third cycle about two months ago when last month i was doing some heavy bench work and just as i was lifting the bar from my chest i felt a terrible pain in my right shoulder.mri showed a partial tear and burcidus.doc. said to continue lifting but go easy ! after a shot of cordizone it feels great!full range of motion with no pain. however to bench eaven light weight such as 100 pounds is long should i wait to go on cycle? would cycleing now help or hender my healing?

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    yeah right
    always heal first bub...then go all out and cycle if you feel it's needed to get results

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    I got the same little pain on my right shoulder. I just keep my weight down when doing Shoulder workouts. Once my shoulder warms up, its all good to go

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    What exactly tore?

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    I constantly battle shoulder pain from a few small tears. The best thing is to warm up the shoulders before every workout. Also there are a few stretching exercises you can do. I got the stretches from the phys. therapist.

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    I too have had many shoulder problems in the past. I backed off and started over again at a very very light weight. Also did a lot of rotator cuff exercises. Slowly I built my way back up, and dont have any shoulder problems now. But I am careful to warm up alot.

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    I've had cuff problems for a few years now so...
    Flynman; How much warming up when you do chest and arms. I usually use a light weight and do about 15 reps and then go up from there to my heavest and about 6 reps for a total of 4 sets. I do this for every exersise. Feels better when it gets warm but allways hurts. Never goes away even after the gym. I can take Motrin and it will go away for a while but don't want to keep taking then becuase of the stomach prob with takn for long peroids. Can you name off the streaching exersises so I can look them up. thanks

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