I ran 1cc twice a week of deca for 5 weeks, I didn't really look as to how long I should have ran it. I am only using it to help with joint pain from using winstrol before a couple of months ago. I got this from a HRT doc. I don't particulary enjoy the deca ( can't really feel anything if I am suppose to feel something at all?) I did notice that I could run a half a mile with out my shins and knees hurtingg. I did also curl 100lbs for 8 reps three sets. That was pretty cool

I would imagine you guys run deca longer, but being as how this is only for joint pain. Which seems to not be there, should I not worry about the refill on the script?

I also am starting my var and halo next week. I don't really know if they will affect my joints either.
any body have personal experience using deca for joint pain applications and is 1cc too much for long term use.

I am not trying to get bigger, I weigh now 270 after doing this deca!!!

I am now using the var and halo in my 4 month cutting phase. Hopefully they will do the trick. Along with my diet and cardio.