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    Over 40 Howl/Need Cycle Intel

    The howl: hard to listen to some of the younguns talking gear. One kid mentioned gear taking him from a 240 to a 270 bench. Truly sad. So much can be done when you're young by eating correctly and working hard...unless of course you might be a pro of some sort and your livelihood might be on the line. My body took serious abuse from my chosen career over the last 15 years and only when I couldn't get out of bed two days after a squat session did I go on. Back and neck trashed from the sins of my 20s and 30s. It's easy to gain, maintain and recuperate till you're 35 or so. But then...

    Now 42, 6', 200.

    PROTOCOL: 400 test e, 300 deca for 14/13 weeks respectively.

    QUESTIONS: 1. Should I go higher and shorter? 2. Nolva preemptively 10ED
    or just if symptoms appear (considering the lowish dose)? 3. Should I use letro/how?

    FUTURE CYCLE PLAN: Test and Anavar (strength/recuperation/immune system assist). Is this a fundamentally sound plan? Thanks for any help you can give--

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    Haha, like I do not know what you are taking about after 35yrs of age.. people will find out soon as life goes by quicker than a twinkle. I'm no expert but keep your dose on the lower side. No need to go higher than 400mg/wk. Generally, as one gets older so does the test/esto ratio become unfavorable therfore do take the nolva 10mg ed. No need for letro.

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    Test And Deca work well for me and Im 48

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