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    Nolvadex with Depo Test and hGh

    Ok need your help, I am new to this so my question is going to be a newbie question more than likely.

    My doctors have me on this HRT program.

    I am doing
    100 mg of depo test
    8iu per week (.3cc each day) of hGH

    I am going to get Nolvadex on hand in cause of gyno. I am doing this on my own. The doctors say I don't need anything unless I see gyno signs.

    When I took androgel my nips hurt a bit, just on the ends of the nipple, but that went away when I went off the androgel.

    I have taken 3 injections of test and I notice that the ends of my nips seem to be a bit bigger. They do not hurt at all.

    If I call the doctors and tell them this, they might put me on airmidex.

    If I start taking Nolvadex will it hurt my gains? Do I even need to be taking the Novadex? I ordered 30 pills and was going to take 1/2 a pill a day.

    Ok flame away.

    BTW Do you think I should up the test to 200mg a week?

    My goal is to get bigger but not real big. I am 6'2" 205.

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    Cool Re: Nolvadex with Depo Test and hGh

    Originally posted by androplex
    I notice that the ends of my nips seem to be a bit bigger . . .
    Do I even need to be taking the Novadex? . . . Ok flame away.
    BTW Do you think I should up the test to 200mg a week?
    My goal is to get bigger but not real big. I am 6'2" 205.
    Flame away? Por que, amigo?

    As I recall, you have commented that the quality of your workouts have gotten better since starting the cyp injections. Assuming that your workout includes some type of pec exercises (such as a pectoral fly), it is a given that your pec muscles will grow and develop. I'd be careful not to confuse "bigger nips" with natural pec development that comes from increased efficiency caused by the cyp.

    So, should you be taking the Nolva? In my opinion, not at this time, although it's always good to have it around (if anything, for peace of mind in case you need it). If you begin to develop symptoms and are under medical supervision, ask your docs - they already know about your AS use, so make use of their expertise.

    Now, should you up the test to 200 mg. a week? Nope. You are simply experiencing the same temptation as anyone else who has ever taken test for medical reasons: You have been put on a dose and are too impatient to wait until the next time you have labs drawn. You have also seen that test can improve your exercise routine, the intensitty of your workout, and the positive results, and you obviously want to max out those effects. But you can go too far.

    (Another factor to consider: If your doctors think that you're taking matters into your own hands and increasing dosages on your own, they may not be as accommodating in prescribing these nifty goodies for you. It's like prescribing Oxycontin or Vicodin to a drug addict: If a 10-day supply only lasts for five days and you ask for more too soon, you can bet your buns that the doctor will become very careful about what prescriptions he or she writes in the future. And even if you doble your dose and get half of what you need from underground sources, your labwork will reveal what you are doing.)

    My advice: It should only be a couple more weeks until your TT level is retested. Assuming your insurance pays for the lab work through your local PCP, ask the doc for two lab slips so you can get your TT level checked twice: On the day your injection is due, but before you inject (to get a trough level); then inject, and do the same labs 48 hours later (to get a peak level). That way, your doctors and you will have both a peak and trough level based on your weekly injections and can adjust the dose as necessary in an informed manner.

    (Get the point? If you simply double the dose, you're doing so blindly, without knowing how effective the 100 mg./wk. dose was. Wait until you have the big picture and can estimate the impact of doubling the dose. Then do it if it is appropriate.)

    Follow me for a second . . . Imagine you're in a swimming pool. You've started at the shallow end of the pool, and you're learning how to swim before you hit the deep end. You're now at about the middle of the pool - the point where you see the steepest drop in depth. But make fully sure you know how to tread before you continue into deeper water.

    Right now, you want to zip down to the deep end, and I know the temptation well. Patience is a bitch-and-a-half, but it does pay off in terms of maximizing the positive effects of AS. Remember that, unlike most people who do an AS cycle, you are on a medical routine* and are likely to be doing cyp for a long haul rather than a finite cycle. The rules of the game are different for you, but the positive effects will be the same in terms of lifting and development. Be patient, bro - you've got the time, and it will pay off.

    * Background note for newbie readers on this forum: Androplex started cyp to treat possible effects of a variety Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that may be related to military service in Operation Desert Storm. He has discussed his story in other threads on the Anabolics Steroids forum.

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    I wish I had read this before last night.......


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