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    Talking Pain, strain, sore muscles ( YOGA)

    Hey you guys i found something amazing that really helps me get rid of my neck pain, lower, upper back pain and really streches and makes me just feel good all around.

    My new girlfriend does some Yoga classes and one night i was really sore and add again thoses spams in the back and worst in the neck.

    I went with her and tried out a session lasting a full hour, it felt great

    Its a lot more complex then just the basic streching we do, a good yoga session can really strech the whole body, and relieve pain, re-align bad posture.

    I got tired of spending money into chiros, massages, physio and all the rest, most of them are scams to make more money.

    Now that i know how to do the exercices in yoga i do 2 sessions one in the morning after my weight training and one at night, try to do this on an empty stomach.

    If everything goes well its back to martial arts and fun cardio in September.

    Viva La yoga.

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    My wife does yoga.....I like the fact that she lay on the floor face down and place the bottoms of her feet on the top of her head.

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