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    35 and starting first cycle in 7 years

    I am 35, 6'2" and roughly 225-230 lbs. I have a mesomorphic frame with good muscle size (especially arms). My diet is not what it should be (too much beer and fatty foods). I am a 36" waist and want to get back to 34". Love handles are flaring a bit at this point and I have the standard early to mid thirties gut. I am not a fat guy, but I need to lose the gut. I am about to start a 12 week cycle of 400 mgs. test-ethanate with winstrol . HCG and nolva at the end. Question is - is this (along with a better diet and cardio) going to help me slim up a bit. I want to add some strength but not a lot of size because I already have good enough size for my age. Basically want to be a cut 6'2 215-220 lbs. Any advice/thoughts on this?

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    sure, as long as you don't use the AS as an excuse to pig out. If you cut the beer out for a month and go on a cutting diet (use the search function), work out both on the weights and aerobically, there's no reason you shouldn't drop a few % body fat. That's the other bit of advice: forget about losing pounds, get some calipers to measure body fat and go by that. Muscles are burning calories all the time, then you add more exercise, and a good diet, and you'll be all set. The winny should allow to still gain muscle on a low calorie diet.

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    Good luck to you.

    I have similar stats to you, I am 41, 6'4", 235 with a 36" waist. 4 years ago I went from roughly 15% bodyfat (and 260 pounds) down to 235 with roughly 12% bodyfat. Most importantly, 4 years later, I have kept the fat and weight off.

    Diet is absolutely the key, first and foremost. Like the other poster said, there is some great info on diet if you do a search.

    As far as your cycle goes, I liked anavar and primobolan depot better than winstrol . At your age, I would watch out for winstrol. It makes your tendons more brittle (which age is already doing to you). I personally blow up like a balloon on test, but from what I can tell this problem is unique to me.

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