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    Picked up my refill HGH today

    I won't say what pharmacy, but I have expressed my dislike in the way they do business. Now today I got charged for needles. I explained to the the chick behind the counter that. I never got charged for pins before. With my test deca winny hgh . The price on my somotropin also went up a few bucks. I guess it to pay for the new building and that Fitness center in the old building. I have heard others talk about there clinics get there Gh from this place .
    God if I wasn't moving I buy stock or try to work for them. I have a Dr. appt coming up with one of the Dr. that is located inside the pharmacy. I dont' know this is the only place that I have dealt with. I am awaiting my insurance company to approve the script to get it covered. God I hope to hear from them soon.

    any of of you order your HGH in bulk and get your insurance to cover it?

    Other than that if you ever been to the place its got a huge Protein collection with supplements. They are getting paid!!!!!! I should have thought of that ideal.
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