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Thread: Pituitary gland

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    Pituitary gland

    Recently I went to one of these online "anti-aging" clinics to see about HRT and HGH therapy.... I knew my T was low but I didn't know how low, it has dropped off a lot in the last year. I am 30 years old... More then anything though it has dropped like a rock in the last 3 or 4 months... The last true cycle I did ended last october and it was mostly trenbalone... Since then I had started another cycle of it, but stopped, then messed with some winny tabs and stopped.....within the last 4 months though I have used both winny tabs and phentermine. The phentermine peeled the fat off of me like you wouldn't believe but now I have no sex drive at all and horrible mood swings, mostly just depression... So I pretty much knew what was wrong, it was my T levels, so I went to the anti-aging group, went to labcorp, had the blood tests done, here are the negatives....
    Total Cholesterol 294
    HDL 9
    LDL 263
    Ratio - 29.2 range is I am running on pure cholesterol

    Thyroxine t4 4.2
    t3uptake 49 %
    test serum 25 range - 241-827
    free test 2.1 range - 8.7 -25.1

    IGF1 - 120

    MCV 77
    MCH 25.6
    RDW 26.6

    Metabolic Panel
    AST SGOT 48 h

    blood pressure at doctor was 160 / 90 this guy calls me up to give me the results and says the anti aging group can't treat me....I told him I had used steroids ...etc... He says even for steroid use my testosterone was non existent...that my testicles have shut off and won't make any more....then he tells me I probably have a tumor on my pituitary gland.....then gets off the phone with me....

    So my question is, how many of you guys have had test this low and got it to bounce back? The cholesterol is related to the test more then likely. Anemia, I have had for a long time...I thought I took care of it but I guess I didn't... The doctor says to me, "gee you must be tired all the time"... I don't even think this guy was an actual doctor. But in late may, I had blood tests and blood pressure done for my life insurance policy and that was all I am thinking that using winny and phentermine almost at the same time was not a good idea, either that or I didn't taper off right. So today I start calling endocrineologists trying to get in and get my "tumor" checked out and they give me like "october 28th is the soonest I can get you in" I basically decided to give it a shot myself, literally, I started on some hcg today and hopefully that will get me going. I know it's doing something cause they boys downstairs are a little achey and I feel great, better then I have in a long time and I am not depressed. Started with 1000iu's. So I managed to find an opening for a endocrineologist in a couple weeks....until then I will just treat it with the hcg and see if I can get it going again...

    Any suggestions? Am I wrong for thinking this guy is a quack for telling me I probably have a tumor over the phone?????? Anyone had any similar happenings?

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