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    insurance covers hrt?????

    i called my insurance to see if they covered these. test cyp was a 5.00 co-pay and growth was a 30 dollar co-pay as well. they both came back below normal so im hoping i get a script from my endo. anyone else have that luck???

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    I have Kaiser and its a bitch to get trt..tried several times and its like pulling teeth..same copay as yours...this doc has to refer you this doc who has to refer you to an endocronoligist..blah blah blah

    so I went I sent my blood work to an online PROVEN trt clinic and got trt shipped to me in two days..but damn it was expensive....7 bottles of test cyp..pins, anti e..hcg all for 1400.00 dollars.. but it was legal...

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    I get mine on Co-Pay!

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