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    probation!!!! and online hrt!!!!

    im allready using test through a endocrino, but i was wondering if using an hrt clinic online would be safe . im on felony probation so i dont want to get my self in a bind. i am subject to a ua but have yet to get one. and i allready am on test cyp legitly. but id like to throw in some other through the clinic .........anyone know what i can do????

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    If the online HRT is a legal pharmacy with a legal prescription, I would think you are OK. Even if there was a problem it would seem you could plead ignorance "I thought it was OK if a doctor prescribed it". If you are already on Test and you just get more of that, I don't know how anyone would know. My only concern is that if you are getting the same product from 2 different places, you could be accused of "doctor shopping". Remember what happened to Rush Limbaugh? That was narcotics, but the principle is the same.

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    is your probation AAS related?? if not, i doubt you'll be tested for it...

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    I work in the corrections Supply field, my last trip to the ACA, American Correctilonal Association show, I surveyed all the drug screen manufacturers that supply corrections and none of them said that they carried these. For now I beleive that the only testing you should be concerned with AAS is in competitive sports.

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    Steroids are illegal, just like Cocaine and Marijuana, but they don't test it in a UA.....Gotta love that. Thats why i only mess with AAS.

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    gates of hell
    It doesnt matter if you have prescription.

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    I used to drug test for the County jail....They will put down the drug panel that they want you tested for......I DOUBT they will be looking for that UNLESS you were busted for it...then they would mark it off

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    I was busted writing scripts for AS. What can I say, it was dry at the time and I was only 23. Anyway, I did 7 years on probation and i was taking something. I did however end up in prison but it was for DWI. I did another 2 years on parole, i probably was off and on half the time and a UA every month. I hope this puts you at ease but Ill tell you this PRISON SUCKS!

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    Im on probation, and I have been urine screened and they didnt say shit to me. I was mid cycle

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    Yeah I got popped in 2000- GEAR, GHB and not one UA came back positive at all still was a little scary I feel for you. I'm in the cleare now Thank God

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    good discussion since u got poped for gear why wouldn't they check.

    1 It's a breaucratic mess the the person selecting the test is someone not qualified for the job.

    2 It's expensive

    3 They are looking for typical drugs

    4 I was tested last week and no problems.

    5 I work in a prison man I know how bad it sucks. Just chill until your parole stuff is done why chance it. If ya do good luck your no different than everyone else

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