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    Need Advice Please!!!!!! Help

    hello again, just a simple question to you all, when i was about 12-15 i weighed like 90kgs... all fat!!! then i dropped like down to 60 kgs when i was 18 and im not fat anymore but i still got the over stretched tissue i cannot get rid off on my chest, its not much but every1 ive asked has said to me i gota get it surgically removed... there has to be another way!!!? plz reply...

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    How old are you now and how long has it been since you lost the weight?

    30Ks is a lot, but not that much compared to some of hte really heavy people out there and what they have lost. Losing weight in only part. Start exercising to build and tone the muscle underneath, that will help a lot.

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    I've heard that gh will tighten up your skin but maybe not that extream

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