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Thread: Ideas?

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    Hey gang...a couple of questions if you please. I plan on running a 12 wk cycle, first of Sept. For the first 8 weeks I want to run Eq 500 mg/wk along with some sort of Test 500 mg/wk. Then for the last 4 weeks, I wanted to run Winny and possibly Primo. I would run HCG and provion during the cycle, then finish off with the clomid. Does this sound like a feasable and worthwhile cycle....or would you suggest something else

    Just a bit about myself....very healthy, 46 yrs old, and I have run several different cycles during the past 10 years, been working out now for close to 20. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much...and respect every time


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    First off I would dump the primo. There are far better options IMO

    Eq weeks 1-10
    test weeks 1-10
    winny weeks 6-12
    Clomid immediately after. No hcg needed and just have some nolva around

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    i agree with ron on the primo, and hcg .
    he also layed out a decent cycle for you as well.

    however i think i would run the eq @ 600mg/week, especially if you have a few cycles under your belt. test and winny dosage look great, along with length of cycle. 10 weeks is plenty imho, but 12 would work.

    peace bb79

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