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Thread: need info

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    need info

    OK. Yesterday I thought I was getting gyno so I freaked a little and started the Nolvadex . But later, when I got home and took my shirt off, it looked like I had a mild sunburn. It was mainly across my chest and abs but my arms and legs also were red to some degree. So, I don't think the sensation in my chest is gyno anymore, but just high blood pressure because the sensation is not in the nipple but all across my chest. Is this a somewhat common condition? I'm still having the same thing today, although maybe not quite as bad.

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    I'm not sure what your on, but that is normal for me, I tend to get red when doing a higher cycle. It looks as if I'm sun burned too.

    As far as gyno, when I start to get signs it feels as if I'm wearing a new shirt and my nipples get real tender. You can tell its right in the nipples, so i would guess too that your just dealing with a little higher blood pressure. Keep track of it though, you don't want it to get to high. But its common.

    Be safe bro.


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    As bortort said make sure you keep track of your b/p!!! When your on AS your b/p go up pretty high ( mine was 170 over 120 RELAXED!!!) so watch the sodium intake.

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