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Thread: Update; week 5

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    Update; week 5

    Just under 5 weeks into my first cycle (dbol /Sus/deca ). I've been off the dbol for about a week and lost no weight. So, either my dbol dose was right-on or the SUS/deca kicked in just as the dbol dropped out. Either way, I'm happy. I had expected to drop a few pounds but I'm standing firm at 250. I started at 233. I'm shooting for 260 by end of cycle and then I'll start dieting and I'd like to hit 245 at about 12%BF.

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    when you come off, you have to keep the cals and the protien high... don't try to cut up right away.

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    good point arthurb,
    lowell take his advice and dont drop the cals right away, if you do it too soon say bye-bye to some of that hard earned muscle. also keep hitting the iron as hard as you can for a while too. you'll know when the time is right to start backing it off, weight wise as well as calorie wise.
    glad to hear the dbol dose was close to perfect, and happy that the cycle is going well. research pays off huh?..................hehe.

    peace bb79

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    Sounds like everything is going well for you bro...I always like to hear about the guys who've done the research and then reap the rewards. Cheers

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