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    Sust250 Questions...

    What is the general consensus on Sustanon250, I've been reading about it and curious about it.
    What would be good to stack with it (Winstrol , Novaldex or Clomid)
    What has been the results from people that have used it.
    Again I'm researching my 1st cycle.
    What were the sides you've noticed?
    What would be the best type of diet (50/50 carb to Pro, or 70/30 Pro to C) , I know my appetite will double ( hard to believe I can eat more)
    I know I'm a pain in the NADZ but I'm looking for a SOLID 1st cycle.
    I'm 5'10" 175, 32, and killing my self in the gym.

    Appreciate it BroZ! Share me yo knowledge!

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    I'am using deca 200mg/w with my sus 500mg/w and 30mg dbol e/d.
    Some will say to go for 400mg of deca per week but I'am testing it first.
    Clomid and novaldex in not AS.Do more research.
    I got a brilient bulking diet from xxl,pm me and I will send it to you.

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