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Thread: EQ Cycle

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    EQ Cycle

    Hey guys and gals...a few questions if I may. I plan on running a cycle (14 wks) of EQ @ 800 mg per week. I've done Eq before, couple of times, and like the results. I was also planning on running some Fina in with it also. Is this a bad idea/waste of product? If I do run the fina with the eq...should I fun it the entire length of the cycle? What would be an effective dose of fina per week? Fina sides...I've heard of "fina dick" is this true? Wouldn't want that. Also, do I have to wait 17 days or so after my last injection of eq to begin my clomid?

    Presently, I am 46, 195, 5' 11" and about 10% bf. Any input is greatly appreciated...Peace!!


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    you could run the eq 10 wks and the tren for 6-7 wks.i would add some test prop with the tren to avoid any fina dick.with the ed shots of tren prop wouldnt be an issue
    wk 1-10 800 mg eq wk
    wk 7-13 75 mg tren ed or eod
    wk 7-13 prop 75-100 mg ed or eod
    clomid 3 days out

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