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    Post 35yrs old and starting over again!

    Hello to everyone! I have been thoroughly enjoying this board for several weeks now and have assimilated an incredible amount of new information! There are truly some well-versed and well-educated individuals on this site! (and some real freaks but ……) I’d like to start this post by thanking everyone for sharing their experiences, thoughts and feelings. It’s been extremely helpful. One of the first threads that I read was from Ajax.
    It was the one about using a cycle to jumpstart his training after taking a long hiatus.
    I found it while perusing the over-30 section and it was (is) very insightful and very motivating! As a matter of fact, it inspired me to take a jump that I have been thinking about for the last several years. Gentleman (and Ladies), here is what I have started and what I have found to be true;
    First off, some basic background and current statistics; I am 35yrs old, 5’11”, now 150lbs (one month ago, 140lbs). Obviously, I have zip for bodyfat. I was an SEC college and AAA baseball player in my early twenties. My ‘playing-weight’ was 165lbs. From the age of 10 to the age of 23, I lived to perfect the ultimate body. Not for the sake of bodybuilding or powerlifting, but for the forming of a well-conditioned, lean, limber, ballplayer physique. I spent many hours in the gym and on the practice field. My diet was clean and I kept the partying to a minimum. I did 2 or 3 cycles of steroids under the supervision of team doctors (first was @ 19yrs old) and to this day, I am not sure what or how much I was given. All I know is it worked well and I never seemed to have any ill side effects. One day in September 1990, I was 'cut' from the team I was playing with and all hell broke loose! I stopped going to the gym, I started partying & living like a typical twenty-something male and the thought of ever being a professional athlete completely left my brain…….
    To make this story a little shorter, I will fast forward a little bit. I have been an ‘office-guy’ ever since that day. I’ve never stepped-foot in a gym and my only exercise has been an occasional softball or basketball game once every couple of years! I started to smoke @ 24yrs old and beer has been a staple of my diet….
    In a few weeks I am going to post some pictures for everyone to laugh at! I say ‘laugh’ because 1 month ago I looked like the guy in the old Charles Atlas ads who is getting sand kicked in his face! 135-140lbs and atrophied to hell! The measurements that I took on July 17th were; 38” chest, 11” biceps, 30” waist and 19” thighs!! Scary, huh?
    Luckily, I’m good looking. That’s the only way I ever get laid…. HA HA
    I’ve been promising myself for several years that I would get motivated to ‘get-in-shape’ and bring myself back to some sort of healthy homeostasis. I’ve purchased memberships to three different gyms in the last 6yrs and NEVER went! NEVER!
    Well, about 4 months ago something happened to change my life.
    I joined a baseball team for guys over 30yrs old. Remember, I am a guy who once considered himself to be good, really good at this sport. (and at this stage in my life thought that this might bring back some glory days and help me to get back in shape.)
    After I had worked-out with the team for a couple weeks I found-out that several guys on the team were wondering why the ‘skinny-guy’ was still around! The coach was nice enough to let me let me hang around and sit on the bench for the first few games but OUCH, what a damn shock to the system! Everything that I had lived, loved and believed-in when I was younger was gone! I immediately quit the team and made-up my mind to find the old ‘Drew’ that was somehow lost in 12yrs of bodily neglect!
    I started researching different weight-gaining diets, weight-lifting routines, supplements and, of course, steroids. Some people are cringing right now, I know. I’ve read many, many threads and posts on multiple message boards from people who believe steroids are only for select athletes who have reached plateaus or dead-ends in their training. This is why I felt so compelled to write this message. After reading the post from Ajax, I realized that it was important for people in my situation to hear this story and understand how steroids might be able to help jumpstart a good routine.
    After a few weeks of surfing hundreds of pages of literature on the net, I put together a diet and training schedule.(I also remembered what worked best for me 12yrs ago and what to do and not do.) I put together a miniscule cycle of steroids that I thought would help me see some quick gains and therefore reinforce what I was trying to do. (I also understand my own psyche and know what it was going to take to get me to stick with my plan) I chose to do a cycle of Thai Anabol for 6 weeks and stack it with Andriol for the last 2. Actually, I am now planning to continue the Andriol for 2-3 weeks after the Anabol, just to reinforce the gains from the Thai pinkies. (total of 8 weeks).
    I started my workouts in the beginning of June and really, really had to take it slow.
    The first few weeks I felt like someone had beaten the hell out of me!
    Chest and tri’s one day, back and bi’s after a days rest, then legs, then shoulders and calves, etc, etc.
    My diet was (and continues to be) lots of protein and starches.
    I eat as much as I can, whenever I can. I also use Prolab’s WeightGainer II.
    I saw some o.k. gains in that first month. I gained about 5-7lbs and started to show some muscle build-up. (It’s easy for me to measure gains with no bodyfat….)
    Then, on July 13th, I started my cycle.
    First week = 10mg Anabol
    Second week = 15mg
    Third week = 15mg
    Fourth week = 15mg and 160mg (4 capsules) Andriol

    That’s where I am now and I have some wonderful, fantastic news for every person who can relate to my story! I realize that this is considered a ‘woman’s cycle at these doses but let me tell you, it is working wonders! I have gained 12lbs with no water weight, I feel more energetic throughout my day, I have felt no adverse side effects and I am more motivated than ever to continue on my path to a healthier and stronger me!
    I truly believe that this small cycle has helped me to develop a better routine, a more devoted attitude and a bigger (pardon the pun) desire to reach my goals.
    Which, in fact, is my old ‘playing-weight’ of 165lbs.
    I have all intentions of returning next season to that ‘over-30’ baseball team and showing them why I was once ‘paid-to-play’!! So, let this be a testimony to anyone who is considering getting off of their ass and starting a life-changing routine!
    As Nike so eloquently put-it, “Just Do It!”
    I recommend some good research and also a consultation with your family physician.
    Start-out with a good diet that fits your individual needs and a work-out program to match. (both take some experimenting, I went through most of this years ago and was lucky enough to have professional help)
    Then, if you want to add a little ‘boost’ to the plan, research and develop a cycle of ‘roids to accent your efforts! It has really, sincerely helped me.
    I’ll add a new post and ‘progress pictures’ in a few weeks. Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experiences on this board! The info is an incredible resource!

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    Welcome and good luck on your journey! I hope you find what you are looking for here!

    peace and happy lifting

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    I am in a similar position...different size...I kept in great shape 6'1''185 until college ended and then just partied and got really fat 6'1''250 atleast 25% body fat in a short 4 year period. I have been working out and eating better for the last 8 months now 6'1''198 16%. Getting ready to start first cycle...I thought I was ready until I joined this board and realized I needed more knowledge. Keep us updated. Good luck.

    Gators...only the best

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    Just be a gym rat bro!
    Take on Baseball as an avenue to keep bordom from Creeping in and as extra-curricular fun.

    You made great choices thus far.



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    Way to go!! Just look at what research and dedication can do! And just think there are ppl and agencys that are against looking and feeling the best you can.

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