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    brand new, would love some feedback.

    I just discovered this site yesterday and think it's great because the great majority of people posting seem really genuine with no pettiness and far from stereotypes we all grew up with. To give you some background, I'm 41 and in very good shape 100% natural. Never considered steroids due to the histeria that's ingrained in you from childhood and the loads of misinformation. By the way, the AJAX thread was really incredible and an inspiration to anybody. I'm very educated on lifting, nutrition and so forth (was a personal trainer for a few years). I'm 6'3' and about 210 with 10% or less bodyfat. While that may sound ok I live in south beach and model part-time and it's pretty average. I do everything right nutritionally and understand plateau's but it's hard to get much bigger. Just want to get a little bigger with an emphasis on cutting and was just thinking of trying one cycle. I really like the sound of deca because it appears to be mild with little side affects for a chicken s*** like me. Also, joint soreness could use some help. A couple of problems. I heard deca production was stopped a few mos. ago so it's hard to come by. I have absolutely no connections and these overseas outfits seem hit and miss at best. Money is an issue with me but I'll find that somehow. Anyways, I know you obviously can't list sources but can this overseas thing work? Thanks so much for any input at all, I really respect your knowledge, experiences, and unbiased opinions.

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    You take a chance with all oversea pharms or sources! Who knows when you package gets picked out. And yes Deca production was stopped recently but if you have a scrip alot of compounding pharms still have stock left to carry over till production resumes ( the FDA seems to order a halt to the production of Deca every now and then for some reason). BTW, welcome.

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