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    Don't think i need Clomid after cycle

    Hi guys .. kinda new to the board .. ( little wave )

    50 yrs old
    220 lbs
    pretty high bf but .. lots of muscle

    Work out lots .. home gym .. lift hard, but not to failure.

    several test cycles
    a deca /winny cycle that I didnt like because of bloat ( surprised me )

    anyways .. like lots of guys up there ( age wise ) I am
    diagnosed with low test output. My doc being nice but conservitive had
    me on 5% test cream ( you guys know this is a joke. )

    so .. I usually pop about 100mg wk of mex test and that just about
    does it right ..

    now my question ..

    because my normal endogenous system is junk, I really dont see the
    need to do the clomid thing after a cycle. I will technically never be
    coming off of the test. just droping back to a normal level.

    Am I thinking right here ?

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    Most doc's that prescribe for HR will usually prescribe clomid every ten weeks or so to slow or reverse Testicular Atrophy only. That way when ya get with the SO you have walnuts instead of peanuts. ;-0


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    thanks MJ

    I never gave the small nut thing a thought .. but your right .. unless I can get my own to work a little .. I'll be in trouble ( shrinkage wise )

    thanks again


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