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    Talking need infor.....

    just needed to know is d-bol and deca ,are they good start off cycle...
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    this is the typical starter stack bro.
    that being said, i would opt for test/dbol , as i have a real bad thing about deca , but thats another story entirely.
    500mg test enanthate weeks 1-10
    30-40mg dbol ed weeks 1-4
    this is a simple but highly effective stack that will produce good results.
    dont forget your clomid and your anti-e's ok?

    peace bb79

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    I am no fan of deca and there is a reason I will never use it. Deca is thought to shut you down very hard.

    BB79's stack is what I recommend to people just starting out now.

    also doing a cycle with AS that does not aromatises puts you at risk for impotence. and once you are done with your dbol (which does aromatise) the Deca may shut you down in your proposed cycle. but impotence is a side effect;not everyone gets it.


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    Hey bro, I would add Test Cyp or Enth @ 400mg/week to that stack. Adding the Test and with the D-bol you will begin to feel your peak in about 3 weeks. I like Deca on this sack because it will help you bulk and gain strength. Although Deca may cause some sides, ie Deca dick, you have to decide whats best for you.

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