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Thread: cycle critique

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    cycle critique

    Hey all,

    My first post, but I have been hiding in the shadows for about six months now. It's finally time to get my cycle checked out. This is the first real one. We won't talk about the true first one! Man was that stupid. Anyway, here is my stats and my cycle ideas.

    6' 172# 14%bf 28 yrs. old

    have been lifting since military in 1992, eat like a horse, burn it off so fast I haven't gained more than about 3 lbs in the last two years. I hate fast food and my wife is a great cook so that is all in order.

    just a moderate cycle of:

    wk 1-10 200 Deca
    wk 1-10 200 Test Enth
    wk 1-4 25 mg D-bol
    I need input on whether to take Arimidex the whole time, or just Nolv if needed.

    3 weeks later, 300/100/50 clomid.

    Any input is appreciated

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    hey bro,
    imho, the doses are a little light, but to each his own. i dont know if you'll get a lot of water retention on those doses, but if you do, then start the ari at .25-.5 mg ed. otherwise, if you dont need it, dont take it.

    peace bb79

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    Those doses look a little low to me too. Go with a minimum of 250 test, 300 deca .

    At those doses, only use the ldex if needed, .25-.5mg ED. It will help also with bloating if needed.

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    That sounds like something I can certainly deal with, 250 test and 300 deca . It's not too much higher than I was planning. Thanks for the response.

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