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    Coming Off Cycle

    Coming off a cycle of 50 mg deca 2 x week/winstrol EOD. What should I take post cycle? I hear about clomid and HCG . I have Novaldex, Clenbuterol and Proviron on hand. Mostly, like everyone else, I want to minimize muscle loss and trim fat. This was my first cycle. I have had great strength gains and good size gains.

    I am a 40 year old novice.

    Also, how long do I wait til next cycle? Thanks in advance.

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    let me ask you this first bro........

    you did 100mg of deca a week? along with 50mg of winny eod?

    and you grew?

    i dont think you need any post cycle supplementation, unless it would be for the winny. clomid is usually the post cycle supp of choice, but some of the bros swear by nolva for post cycle help.
    im not even sure how much clomid to recommend to you with that low of a deca dose.........

    peace bb79

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