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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    I'm 34 years old, 193 lbs at 6'0. I'm going to start my first cycle and wanted to get some advice. I've been working out regularly for about 5 years now and feel like I've hit a wall that I can't get over. I'm not looking to get huge, but I do want to look good. You guys with more experience have a lot of good advice that you've passed along to others and I'm hoping you can pass some along to me. Here's my plan for my first cycle.
    d-bol weeks 1-4 @30mg day
    EQ weeks 1-10 @400mg day
    Deca weeks 1-10 @300mg day

    Comments and suggestions appreciated!

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    chinups Guest
    EQ for 400 mg a day. I am not a expert but do you mena like EOD or E 3rd day

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    Yep, mistyping on my part. It should read

    d-bol weeks 1-4 30 mg a day
    EQ weeks 1-10 400 mg a week or Sust250 weeks 1-10 400-500mg
    a week (haven't decided which yet)
    Deca weeks 1-10 400 mg week

    Thanks bro for catching the mistake.

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    deca and eq compete for the same receptors. that being said, some guys do run both at the same time, because deca eases joint pain associated with eq and winny.
    if it were me, i'd run the eq, as its a little easier on the body, but i'd run the sus or a long acting test ester, such as cyp or enanthate . dump the deca.
    if you decide to go with sustanon , you need to shoot it at least eod to take advantage of the propionate in the sustanon. if you shoot it less than that, you get the long acting esters from the sus, but then again, you might as well go with cyp or enan, as its basically the same thing if you drop the prop.

    peace bb79

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