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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone!

    I posted something similar on the other forums a few weeks back when I found this sight, but wanted to post the same over here. Great discussions in this section. I'm glad I'm not the oldest one here I'm only 30 btw. Looking forward to good discussions, etc.

    Info (save you from having to search):
    6'0" 225 pounds right now at 17-20% bf I think. I'm using a tanita right now cause I can't find my calipers, so I'm not ver sure. I'm cutting right now down to 15% or so at which point I'll start my first cycle. I'll probably post details about that later. I've been training about 8 or 9 years now.

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    Stats and background are perfect for your 1st cycle and getting the b/f down to 10% or so and you'll look awesome with 20-25lbs which is almost guaranteed with a good stack, diet and hard workouts! BTW, welcome to the board.

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    Welcome to the board.


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    welcome, bro!

    the tanitas are pretty inaccurate, so I'd bet you're probably closer to 17% (tho I'm just guessing without seeing photos)

    good luck with the cycle!

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