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    Hey fellas

    Prior to coming here, I have done some research on the internet, etc. and ultimately decided to join your message board to receive some sound advice. My situation that I need guidance on is as follows:

    I am 38 yrs old, 5'10" currently 205lbs at about 25% bodyfat. I have worked out with weights off and on for approximately 10yrs (all natural). About 6 months ago, I started back working out. At that time I was weighing 220lbs at approx 30%bodyfat. I work out 3 days a week weights and 3 days cardio.

    As you can maybe tell, I have made some gains, but have basically plateaued. What I would like to ultimately achieve is to continue to lose bodyfat, while maintaining muscle. I actually, do not want to really gain mass and weigh more than my current 200lbs, but I do want to lose bodyfat, and/or convert the fat to lean muscle. What I am trying to achieve is hopefully the look of some of the models that are shown on the 'Men's Health' magazine, as opposed to looking like the models on the cover of 'Muscle Fitness'.

    I am writing to get advice on what 'gear' would best help me in achieving my goals? With your knowledge and dedication, I am hoping you can give me some very clear and specific options on gear I could use to benefit me in achieving the look I want.

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    Hey,bro if you've only been working out seriously for six months and you're not making gains IMHO you really need to keep working on your routine, diet, rest, all that stuff. If I were you I'd be spending my time researching diet and routines and that kind of stuff rather than roids right now. I've been lifting for 20 years and I'm still making gains naturally, believe it or not, albeit small ones, but since I'm 50 I think it's cool. For another 38 year old who's natural and making great gains, check out the link just below "New member" by cdog.

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    i agree with johnsomebody. you can do all this naturally. diet and cardio and an eca stack will cut your body fat. just give it somw time and youll see results.

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