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    Looking for stack advice

    I'm 35 years old 5'7" 180,18% bf and am finishing my first stack. My first stack was very mild, but I made some decent muscle gains. I'm looking into a more agressive second stack, and I want to pack on mass combined with good quality muscle (like everyone else here...). Here's what I'm thinking of...please give me your feedback on what you guys think...Thanks

    d-bol 20 mg/day week1-4
    equi 200 mg/week week 1-12
    sus 250 250 mg/week week 4-12
    win dep 50 mg eod week 8-12
    clen 120mcg/ed week 12-14

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    IMO up the D-bol to at least 30mg, maybe even 40mg.
    and bump the EQ to between 400-600mg

    I've never run the other stuff so I'll BUMP ya for more comments..
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    wk1-4 35mg dbol
    wk1-12 400mg EQ
    wk1-12 500mg Sust
    wk10-15 50mg Winny ED
    Clomid 2 days after last winny dose

    Depending on how light your previous cycle was, you might want to reconsider the dbol and winny and just go with the EQ and Test

    I would wait on the clen untill you start post cycle therapy to prevent catabolism with post cycle recovery

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    CutieFace Guest
    I'd cut out the clen and cut out the winstrol ....

    and I agree bump up the eq to 400mg week
    and the sus to 500mg week

    2x per week mon/thurs

    dbol or anadrol 40-50mg ed spaced out through out the day....
    and remember your pct


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