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Thread: Is It Safe?

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    Is It Safe?

    is it safe for a 40 year old man to take 500mgs of test a week for 10 weeks? or any weeks for that matter? or are the dangers to high because of the age factor?

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    Their are plenty of bros on here above 40 that cycle(I'm not one of them). Before doing so, I would suggest seeing your doc and get some blood work done. (YOu might qulify for HRT) But at the very least, get the blood work done so you can evaluate your results and know what you need to return to after your cycle is finished.

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    i agree with pheedno........

    and being a 40+ gear head, i can tell you that it will do nothing but make your life better.
    that being said, make sure you research, and take the proper precautions and all should go well. hell i'm finally cracking the 1G mark, and its been a real pleasure..........literally.

    peace I4L

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