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    May 2003

    1st cycle and just lost my injection virginity

    First Bro's, thanks for all the good reading.

    Im 36, worked out alot as a kid and college, but after marriage, kids, etc...I woke up a couple of years ago and wasnt happy. Spent the last 2 years working hard. I got cut, but not as much mass as I would like, despite high protien intakes, etc and heavy least as heavy as I could as an ectomorph.So I decided on trying gear.
    36 yrs
    Im 6'3"
    12% BF

    My 1st cycle will be lighter than most recommend, but patience comes with age and I want to see how my body reacts This is what Ive got.

    weeks 1-4 Dbol 25
    Weeks 1-8 250 Sus
    1-10 200 Deca , maybe increasing to 400 halfway through but not anxious to bring about Deca dick.
    10 mgs nolva daily after week 2
    clomid begining week 13.

    Im looking for some nice gains, but have no need to get really huge. First, what do you think of the cycle.

    More important, I did my first self glute injection today. To those who are afraid to do it, realize I am the biggest coward when it comes to needles. After just pricking the skin, then pulling back (4 times). I finaly realized to look only when starting, then dont watch while your sinking the rest in. I kid you not, there is absolutely no pain. After injecting slowly, through my 22 1.5" needle, I waited a few seconds when it was empty, pulled out, covered up with alchohal swab and massaged. Proudest moment I've ever had. Thanks for all the lessons and instructions Bros.

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    these are the issues i have with the cycle......

    the sus and deca will taper out at the same time(3 weeks), so theres no need to run one aas for 8 and 1 for 10. run them both the same length of time, and start your clomid 3 weeks after your last injection. i would definitely increase the deca to 400/week, with the sus, deca dick shouldnt be an issue.
    the sus dosage is light too, but i understand your reasoning behind wanting to know how everything affects you. youre wasting the short esters in the sus though, only shooting it once a week.
    with that light of a test dose, i wouldnt think the nolva would be necessary, but you never know. i'd take it only if you have symptoms.

    peace I4L

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    Thanks I4L.

    The only reason I was going to run the Deca longer than the Sus is I originaly planned on an 8 week cycle and only bought 8 ml of sus. The Deca came in a 10 pack. I can get more sus in time to either add all 10 weeks or maybe up it to 500 a week.

    My question is, if I go 400 mg of Deca, but only 250 of the sus, will the 400 override the 250 sus and still give me deca dick? Im dreading that first non preformance issue. I realize the waste of the short ester arguement in shooting sus once a week, but all the reading I have done have shown there are a couple camps of thought and Im in no hurry. I figured Id try the conservative camp first and increase to 2x a week on my next cycle, or later into this cycle if Im not feeling much by week 5.

    As sticking myself is no longer an issue, Im not really hung up on the once a week anymore. You pros have to remember...that first time is a bitch...until you actually do it and find out its all in your head.

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    don't start the cycle until you have enough to sust and Deca for 10 weeks. Make sure you have clomid and anti-e's before you start.

    Tons of people run into problems getting what seems to be very easy to obtain because of money, loss of source, delays in shipping or getting items, etc.


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    My first self-inject was last night man. Same general experience. Went ok though and I felt pretty good about myself afterward. Weird thing to feel good about.

    I'm 34 and with the same general goals. No need to get huge but some nice quality mass would be great. I'm also starting light: 300mg test/week.

    I'm starting my 4th week and am up 15 pounds (of water mostly). After 18 years of trying I finally benched 300 on Friday. Then I hit 310 - - Wooohooo!


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    You are my hero!!!! I have been taking 20 MG of Oxandrin daily for now while I research my first cycle and get the courage to actually inject myself with a needle. I think I may beat you when it comes to being the biggest coward of needles. I cant even bring myself to use a needle to take a splinter out or pop a blister. But reading your post has really psyched me out. Thanks for posting your experience I dont think you realize how much your post has out a newbie like me to muster up the courage!

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