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    in the mtns...

    quick input on low dose 1st cycle needed

    hey guys....placing order for "supps" today & was hoping to get some last minute input on possible choices...

    info on me...43,ectomorph(6'1"-160)& about 10 6-10 lbs under normal working out wt.....1st cycle.

    i'm looking to gain lean,hard,keepable lbs as much as possible..

    originally intended to do test 500/pw with fina 75-100 eod but have since considered other options.

    my latest thoughts(& i'd like opinions on this)are:
    test/primo/eq 12 weeks
    *test(testex elmu)250mg p/w
    *primo 200-300mg/pw
    *eq 200mg p/w

    i am aware that these r low doses but my thought is that the synergistic effect (& the 12 week length)may compensate & that i might gain lean lbs gradually ending up with an easily maintainable 10+ at the end....

    appreciate any input......

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    Before anything, I would advise to go have a bio-chem profile. At your age, you might possibly qualify for HRT. In any case it will give valuble info on Kidney, liver, Test levels as well as many other important aspects to check. Best to have that test done before a cycle and about 2-4wk after clomid as well.

    No need to run Primo and EQin the same cycle. Hard to find legit Primo these days anyhow

    For a first Test/EQ is a great stack. I would advise a little higher doses but I also advise to do what you comfortable with so with that in mind I'll post up two possibles and you can decided later.

    wk1-11 500mg Enan
    wk1-10 400mg EQ

    wk1-11 250mg Enan
    wk1-10 300mg EQ

    Clomid starts 2wks after last test shot on both cycles
    Have nolva on hand for either cycle

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    uroboros, first I agree with Pheedno about getting the preliminary tests. Having said that, I'm on my first cycle presently. I'm 34. I also opted for a light cycle. In fact, it's much lighter than yours. I'm doing test cyp only at 300 mg/week. My first shot was only 200 mg. I have done 4 shots and will do 4-5 more. I am planning to bump the last shots up to 400mg now that I'm "comfortable" with how I'm feeling.

    I think it is totally legitimate to start light and see how your body responds, if you encounter any side effects, and generally, how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with altered hormones.

    I think your gains should be adequate with low doses. After 4 shots I'm up 15 pounds and my bench press is up 25 pounds. I had never before benched 300 in my life (after 18 years of trying) and last week benched 310. My strength is up on my other exercises as well.

    I am holding considerable water but I'm receiving a LOT of comments indicating there have been some quality gains as well. My shirts are full!

    I think if you overdue it on your first cycle you will certainly regret it. On the other hand, if you go a little light you can always bump up after 3 or 4 weeks and you will then also know what you can handle for future cycles.

    I think the watchword is to be CAREFUL.

    Good luck.


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