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    Sexual Observations Mid-Cycle

    I'm in the middle of my first cycle and loving life right now. I've always trained pretty hard, but I've never had so many people walk up to me and tell me I look great! I have a new squeeze and I think she's a real hottie. We're in that special part of the relationship that I call phase 2, comprised of frequent exploratory and spontaneous sex. Here's the skinny: because of the Test I'm taking, I'm extra horny all the time. The sex is great, and we've shared some amazing sessions. But when it's time for the "money-shot," I find myself needing a little more concentration than usual. Anyone else experience the same thing? For that matter, anyone experience anything different? Anybody else get arrested for having sex in a phone booth because of Test? This Test is great stuff! They should bottle it - oh wait, they do!

    - IM

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    Welcome to the dark side. I love the sex on Test. I HAVE had the problem of needing a little extra concentration from time to time. My Test cycles were stacked with Deca so I kinda blamed the deca.

    You may find that it changes later in the cycle. At least you can keep going a long time.

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