I'm on HRT and just finished a 10 week Sust/Deca cycle. Almost 3 weeks after I had to see my Doc for a blood work to check the test levels. He checks twice a year and I try to make sure I'm off long enough so it does not effect the results. This time I srewed up because he called and told me my test level was 2600 over twice that of a 18year old. Now he wants me to come back to be re-tested. My test should be low then since it will be 5 weeks but I think he's suspicious since he knows I train and I look pretty good (not bragging). What I want to do is to tell him I've been using something over the counter for my workouts. Someone told me andro or <a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=category&value=PRO-HORMONE" target="_blank">pro-hormone</a> s might cause a rise in test levels for a short period. Anyone have a thought I'm afraid he might put me on some gel or patch instead of cip that I self inject at home if he thinks I'm using to much.