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    Old School post cycle therapy

    I had to share this. Its been 10 years since my last cycle. At that time, the internet consisted of AOL on a 1.2k modem and that is not a typo. That was about it. "Roids" was something you talked about in the locker room and got from a friend of a friend and prayed it wasn't rat poison diluted in battery acid. No one understood the science, chemical compounds, blood concentrations, etc. Unless you were on a college football team and the assistant coaches gave you specific instructions on what and how to do a cycle in the off-season. (I'm sure that never happens...)

    Anyway, it goes without saying that we had no idea about Clomid, Hcg , Nolva, Prov, etc. I've learned so much about those compounds in the last year from these boards, that its scary. But it brought me back to a conversation I had with my training partner after this cycle:

    Week 1-10 600mg Test Cyp
    Week 1-10 400mg Deca
    Week 1-6 50-80mg Dbol
    No clomid, no nolva, no hcg, no prov, no clen , no eca... (its amazing we weren't built like the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Santa Claus after this cycle...)

    So about a month after this cycle I had my first real introduction into "old school post cycle therapy ". It goes like this. See if you old farts can relate.

    Me: AAaaarrrrggghhhh. puff... puff... I don't get it. I did ten reps on this damn weight last week.
    Training partner: Pussy.
    Me: No man, I'm serious, something's wrong.
    Training partner: Pussy.
    Me: Come on man, I can't lift it.
    Training partner: Pussy.
    Me: F-you...
    Training partner: Try again.
    Me: Okay.... 3, 4, AAaarrgghhh... SPOT!!!!
    Training partner: Pussy.
    Training partner: I'm not taking it.
    Training partner: Pussy
    Me: You &*%#&^/ I'm going to kill you!!!
    Training partner: Not till you push that weight....
    Training partner: Pussy.
    Me: <Lockout> <slam weights> Sonofabitch!!!
    Training partner: You gonna kill me now?
    Me: No. Can't lift my arms.
    Training Partner: Pussy.

    It seems medieval now, but today, whenever something gets hard to do and I wanna just quit, I still hear that voice in my head. "Pussy."


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    nice post bro.........and yes, i can relate.......

    peace I4L

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    Ah, It Brings Back Memories...

    Your post made me take a trip down memory lane. Damn we were obsessive back then. My memories go back another 15 yrs beyond what you refer to. Interesting though, we didn't fear overtraining, at least not that I can remember.

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